The Salmon of Knowledge gathers documentation from Sandberg Instituut’s Graduation Exhibition 2022 at the Former Courthouse, Kunstkapel, Butcher’s Tears, and De Thomas. The book features work by Sandberg Instituut graduates from master’s programs in the departments Critical Studies, Design, Dirty Art Department, Fine Arts, Studio For Immediate Spaces, Disarming Design, and F for Fact. The Salmon of Knowledge is the first in a new series of yearly publications celebrating graduates’ work from Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam.

The texts in The Salmon of Knowledge were written following interviews between the authors and the graduating students. Rather than insisting upon the Graduation Exhibition as a defining monumental moment in the graduates’ stories, the book seeks to understand it as just one point along an ever-expanding axis of learning, practice, and knowledge. We also happily present three accompanying essays by Amelia Groom, G, and Sophie Collins that touch on these concepts. The Salmon of Knowledge is organized and edited by PS (Public Sandberg).